We always need to cite examples of something when it comes to writing or speaking tasks. It is too common to see “for example” in essays. Do you know any synonyms to replace “for example”?


1. For instance


She has an extraordinary talent for languages. For instance, she mastered six languages when she was only 12.


2. By way of illustration


By way of illustration, she talked about her experience of overcoming blood cancer.


3. To cite an example


To cite an example, the fashion industry is responsible for about 10% of the total global footprint.


4. As a piece of evidence


As a piece of evidence, the video attracted over 5 million views.


5. Including


Wall Street English specializes in teaching the English language, including General English and Business English.



Those above are 5 examples of the synonyms of “for example”. Now there are more phrases you can choose from when speaking of examples!


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