Do you ever feel embarrassed when you must order food in a restaurant in English? Don’t worry! Wall Street English will teach you some common phrases for ordering food and help you handle these difficult scenarios!


1. Order


Can I have / get… ?

Can I have /get an iced Americano, please?


I will have / get…

I will have / get a cheeseburger.


I would like …

I would like a hamburger and some fries.


2. Eat in or take away


To go

Can I get this to go?


Take out

Can I have a cheeseburger and some fries? Take out.


3. Ask the waiter for recommendations


We are struggling with what to order. Do you have any recommendations?


What would you recommend?


What are today’s specials?


4. How would you like your eggs?


  • Scrambled
  • omelets
  • Over easy
  • Sunny side up


5. How would you like your steak?


  • Rare
  • Medium rare
  • Medium
  • Medium well
  • Well done


6. Check


Check please.


Can I get the bill, please?



Now, we have learnt all the phrases that would help us order in restaurants. Don’t be shy and embarrassed anymore when it comes to ordering! Be confident and impress your friends with your English!


If you want to know how good your English is, try out the test below!