If you are still using the word “improve” a lot in your essays, here are 10 alternative words you can use to replace the word “improve”. Let’s learn them together!


1. Ameliorate


Measures have been imposed by the government to ameliorate the situation.


2. Augment


Tom was developing his side gig to augment his income.


3. Boost


His confidence was boosted after passing the driving test.


4. Cultivate


We are trying to help the children cultivate an interest in English.


5. Elevate


Chocolate always helps to elevate her mood, especially in rough days.


6. Enhance


The company is working to enhance their reputation.


7. Polish


I must polish my Korean before my exchange tour to Korea.


8. Rally


Team spirits were rallied after the acclamation from the crowds.


9. Refine


The team spent months refining the machine to fix the errors.


10. Revamp


After having things stolen, they revamped the security system.



Next time when you compose an essay, try to apply these words above!