Ever since we were little, we were taught to use the word “hard-working” when we had to describe someone who is motivated to work tirelessly for a long period of time. Learn 7 idioms to describe replace “hard-working” and improve your vocabulary bank!


1. Put out all the stops

The factory put out all the stops to win the contract amid fierce competition.


2. At full steam 

Every participant is preparing for the show at full steam.


3. Go the extra mile 

The company won the contract by going the extra mile.


4. Go all out 

You must go all out if you want to beat your competitors.


5. Leave no stone unturned 

The government is leaving no stone unturned by increasing the land supply to meet the housing needs.


6. Spare no pains to 

The government will spare no pains to ramp up the supply of affordable homes.


7. Eager beaver 

She was a real eager beaver when she first started working in the company.


Learn the above 7 idioms to help you get 5** in Writing!