A lot of people only say “I’m happy” when they want to express their happiness. Next time, when you are in a good mood, learn these idioms to express your feelings in various ways. Make English fun and easy!


1. In high spirits

If someone is in high spirits, they are extremely happy.

People are having so much fun at the party and are in such high spirits.


2. On cloud nine

In the cloud classifications, cloud nine is the Cumulonimbus, the softest cloud above the sky. It symbolise for comfort and happiness.

I was on cloud nine when I received the job offer from my dream company.


3. Over the moon

The unreachable moon signifies a sense of dreams and hopefulness. When we say someone is over the moon, they feel happy as if they are on the moon.

She was over the moon when someone praised her new look.


4. Like a dog with two tails

Everyone knows dogs wave their tails when they feel happy. A dog with two tails is used to describe someone who feels extremely happy.

Harry would be like a dog with two tails if he gets in the team.


5. On top of the world

When you say that you are on top of the world, you are emphasizing that you are extremely joyful and happy.

He was feeling on top of the world when she said yes to his proposal.


6. Have a whale of a time

A whale is an enormous animal, we often use “a whale of” to describe something that is huge. In English, words like “a lot of”, “great” have positive meanings. If you say you have a whale of a time, you are having a great, great time.

I had a whale of a time during my trip to Japan.


7. In seventh heaven

In the early 18th century, according to Islam and Judaism, seventh heaven is the highest of the Seven Heavens. People believe that seventh heaven is a state of complete happiness.

I was in seventh heaven when I received the acceptance letter from the law school that I have dreamed of getting in every night.


It is interesting to learn idioms, right? When you feel happy, learn to use these 7 idioms to express your happiness!