When it comes to IELTS Writing Task 1 where we need to describe the trends of the graphs, most of the candidates only use “the graph shows” for introduction. Having been used millions of times, this kind of sentence certainly will not earn you high marks or good impressions from the examiners. So, how can we do better? Let Wall Street English give you some examples.


1. Source

First of all, we need to recognize the type of source of the given information. Below are types that are commonly seen in IELTS:

  • Chart
  • Diagram
  • Graph
  • Table
  • Map


2. Synonyms of “show”

Now, let’s learn some synonyms to replace the word “show”. But be careful to choose from the range of words as each one of them has its differences.

  • Describe
  • Illustrate
  • Depict
  • Exhibit
  • Display
  • Indicate
  • Convey
  • Present


3. Paraphrase

Apart from using “the graph shows…”, here are the other sentence patterns you can use for introduction.

  • According to the graph, …
  • As can be seen from the graph, …
  • As shown in the graph, …
  • It is clearly shown from the graph that …
  • From the graph, it is obvious that …


After learning the above expressions, you have more options to choose from!