2-min English 兩分鐘英語 



Hello Everybody,


My name’s Louis, and for today’s 2 minute English class we will be going through an interesting topic about Travel English & Conversations at the airport.


Let’s start with some vocabulary used before your flight:

International terminal / flights to another country

Check-in counter / area to drop off your bags and collect your boarding pass

Checked luggage / large, heavy luggage you will not carry onto the plane

Carry-on luggage / bags we take on the plane with us

Boarding pass / Plane ticket, with gate #, seat #, boarding time.

Security checkpoint / to scan ourselves and our carry on bags for dangerous things

Immigration checkpoint / to exit the country and have your passports checked


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Moving along, let’s go through some phrases on the plane:

Aisle seat / a seat beside the aisle

Window seat / a seat beside the window

Emergency exit / in case of emergency this door can be open to let everyone out

Complimentary / same meaning as free, you don’t need to pay extra money

Overhead compartment / storage area to place all carry on luggage

Flight attendant / Airline staff who is responsible for serving and helping passengers during their flight

Turbulence / rough air that makes our plane bounce or shake

Stopover / the plane lands at an airport but it’s not our final destination

Jet lag / a feeling of being tired from the time zone difference