Group discussion (小組討論) 常常發生嚮考試、日常會議之中!做第一個人開始會議、帶領其他組員,實在唔簡單!立即睇睇WSE老師Walter教你點嚮小組討論開始時想突出自己,留個好印象!



It’s always a good idea to greet everyone first. Start by saying:

 “Good morning/ afternoon/ evening everyone.”



You can then officially kick off the discussion like this:

  • “Today we are talking about food trucks in Hong Kong.”
  • “To start things off, I suggest discussing the pros and cons of having food trucks in Hong Kong”
  • “Let’s start by talking about the benefits of having food trucks in Hong Kong.”

You can then briefly talk about your own ideas.



Don’t forget to end your first round of speech by saying:

“I want to know your thoughts on the matter.”

To encourage input from other candidates.


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