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Hello! I’m Penny from Wall Street English.

Today we’re going to talk about different ways to say Thank you.


We use ‘Thanks’ and ‘Thank You’ far too often, so what other things can we say instead? Let’s have a look.

To emphasize how grateful you are, you can add ‘so much’, ‘very much’, ‘a lot’ to thanks or thank you.

Thank you so much

Thanks a lot

Thank you very much


For a more formal Thank you, you can say: Much Obliged

In British English, people often use ‘Cheers’ to say thank you. This is very informal and can be confusing because ‘Cheers’ can also mean ‘Bye’ and said to give a toast.

You can also say “I owe you” or “I owe you big time” to say thank you to someone that has done a big favour for you. This means that you are going to do them a big favour one day to make up for it.


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So to summarize, you can say:

Thank you so much

Thanks a lot

Thank you very much

Much obliged


I owe you

I owe you big time

Instead of Thanks or Thank you


That’s all for today! Speak to you next time!