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Hi there! I am Jenna, from Wall Street English. Today I am going to offer you 5 of the best tips to consider before you travel the world.


1. Be Surprised. Do the Unexpected.

Tourist destinations don’t always create the most vivid memories. It’s usually the out-of-the-ordinary experiences that do. Be open to surprises. Whether it’s trying a new food, like deep-fried crickets in Thailand, stopping at a place on the map that you’ve never heard of, or just getting lost all together.


2. Travel Light.

As long as you have your passport, and some cash, you can leave everything else behind. Try to abandon your daily routine and by packing light, you can fully experience everything your travels have to offer.


3. Be Open to New Experiences.

When you travel, expect to experience things that are different. Note the differences. Observe and let your curiosity lead you. Whether traveling city to city in the U.S. or traversing mountains in Japan. Give the new a chance. Participate in a song and dance, try a new dish, attend a place of prayer – you just might bring a newfound experience back home with you.


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4. Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead.

Have an open mind and a flexible travel schedule which will really force you to look at your own internal strengths and resources. This can be educational beyond measure, which brings me to my last point…


5. Travel as Part of an Education.

If possible, study abroad and while you’re in high school or university. Spend a few weeks on a service learning or educational based program over the summer or winter break. This opportunity really only happens once in your life and the experience is unforgettable.


Are you ready to cross borders and travel the world?
Well, these trips are a fun way to learn more about yourself and the world around you, while giving back in a way that really matters.


That’s all for today, see you next time!