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Hi there. I am Jesse, from Wall Street English. We live in a world of chemicals and toxins. So, I am going to talk about some tips to detox your life.


1. Get rid of chemical products

You might find this one very straightforward but you might be shocked at just how many toxic products there are around you. This even applies to toothpaste. Chemical toothpaste contains ingredients like chemical air fresheners, pet products and even laundry products.


2. Say NO to the toxic people

Toxic people are nowhere better than toxic chemicals. They can easily poison your mind with negative thinking and fill your brain with all those toxic thoughts. It’s been proven that negative thoughts and emotions affect your health in a negative fashion. It’s about time to kick those toxic people out of your life.


3. Bring nature indoors

Having plants indoors can help in many ways. One of the most important ways is that it detoxes the air. They also liven up a boring room and can make your home look and smell fresher.


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4. Get enough sleep

Your body works at a high gear when you are sleeping. With 8 hours of sleep every night, your immune system operates at full strength, your wounds heal faster, and it even lowers the risk of some diseases like heart disease. It also gives you more energy to perform our next tip.


5. Sweat it out

Doing exercise doesn’t only lower the risk of many diseases and help you stay in shape – it also detoxes your life. Sweating is one of the most efficient ways to send toxins out of your body. When you work out, you are making your body stronger; and when you sweat, you are making your body healthier.


To recap the 5 tips:

1. Get rid of chemical products.
2. Say NO to the toxic people.
3. Bring nature indoors.
4. Get enough sleep.
5. Sweat it out.


That’s all for today, and see you next time!