Cover letter(求職信)可以話係面試官對你嘅第一印象。其實,cover letter 不單用以表達你嘅求職意向,仲係對方評估你語文能力嘅「隱形測試」。



1. 一頁為限

千祈唔好以為 cover letter 寫得越長越好;面試官於招聘期間隨時接收過百份求職信,過於冗長嘅只會趕客!


2. 下款

上款已知道對方名字 (e.g. Dear Miss Chan),下款就寫 Yours sincerely。
上款並唔知道對方名字 (e.g Dear Sir/Madam),下款就寫 Yours faithfully。


3. Proofread + Double check

老土啲,譖氣啲都要提返句:記住要 proofread(校對),要 double check(再檢查一次)封 cover letter 先寄送出去!Cover letter 無論係文法錯或有錯別字都係「死罪」,隨時扣晒印象分。


4. 唔好「一式一樣」

唔少求職者覺得寫 cover letter「好煩」,於是申請唔同職位都只係 “copy and paste” 咁寫。為每個申請職位「度身訂造」咁寫封「獨一無二」嘅求職信先至可以令你突圍而出!


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以下落嚟提供一啲 cover letter 句式示範,大家不妨參考:


Cover Letter格式及例句

Cover letter 應分成 3-4 段寫,分別表達:



e.g. I am writing to apply for the position of Communications Manager as advertised on on 1st Oct 2016.
我現來信申請於 2016 年 10 月 1 日在 上推廣的公關經理職位。

e.g. I am writing in response to your advertisement on
我現來信回應貴公司於 的招聘廣告。

e.g. It is with great interest that I am applying for the position of Communications Manager as advertised in the 1 October edition of ABC News.
我非常感興趣的來信申請於 10 月 1 日在 ABC 新聞上推廣的公關經理職位。



e.g. As a highly-motivated and quick learner who pays attention to detail, I consider myself a strong candidate for this position.

e.g. I am confident that my skills and experience would make a valuable contribution to your company.

e.g. As a Marketing Manager at ABC Company, my duties include implementing online marketing programs and coordinating promotional campaigns.
作為 ABC 公司的市場經理,我的職責包括實施網上營銷計劃和協調促銷活動。



e.g. Please find attached my resume for your reference.

e.g. I can be reached by phone at +852 9876 5432 or by email at
我可以通過電話 +852 9876 5432 或電郵 聯繫上。

e.g. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, and I look forward to speaking with you.