Paper 2結尾不外乎喺重申一次問題,然後抒發你嘅展望,要將一樣嘅內容,講得不一樣,就要靠引人注意嘅加分詞彙喇!唔知記甚麼字好?成日都會詞窮?唔洗驚!今次為大家揀咗精選用字,有埋例句,ending就用佢哋啦!


Put … on the right path 把……帶回正軌

It is a worrying trend that parents and students are focusing on the marks rather than the knowledge they acquired. I hope the above measures can help to put the learning attitude on the right path before it is too late.



Keep an eye on… 關注……

It is important for us to keep an eye on children, but I have my clear stance in opposing the installation of monitoring apps which is due to reasons mentioned above. I hope that parents will understand how to respect their children’s right to freedom and try to teach them in ways other than surveillance.



Spare no pains 不遺餘力

The government should spare no pains in reducing the number of NEETs in the societies through the suggested means.



A great leap forward 大躍進

It would be a great leap forward if the school allows the public to make good use of our sport facilities based on the above reasons. I hope the school would kindly consider my opinion.



Come to grips with… 著手處理

I hope that the local street culture can be persevered when the government and the public come to grips with its fading.