DSE英文 Paper 2 或者Paper 4,都有可能會問到比較類型嘅題目。呢個時候,你就需要用到唔同嘅句式去比較兩件事物!如果你喺唔太識比較又或者喺睇到比較題就腦海一片空白嘅考生,咁呢篇文就可以幫到你去準備考DSE英文Paper 2同Paper 4呢兩份卷!

1) Gone are the days when…Nowadays, …

Gone are the days when Asian singers and movies stars were not very appealing to Western countries. Nowadays, they are gaining popularity in Western countries because of the following reasons.

2) In contrast, …

In contrast, virtual sport is beyond time and place restrictions in doing sports, while real sports needs to make booking of arena if it is an indoor one or need to have good weather if it is outdoor one.

3) On one hand,… On the other hand,…

On one hand, swimmers or basketball players have high level of self-discipline in training. On the other hand, dancers devoted many time in practicing which is also impressively strong self-discipline.

4) Undoubtedly… However,…

Undoubtedly, it is a universal truth that human desire to be beautiful. However, we human should be aware of the meaning of beautiful is not only about physical beauty.

5) Unlike…in the past, …

Unlike the graduates from the past, the fresh graduates now are considered as less willing to face challenges. However, it is unfair to judge them in a perspective of employers because they are only having different working styles.