DSE英文要勝人一籌,就要在連接句子嘅副詞上面,落多啲苦工!除咗因果關係,你又識幾多種句子與句子之間嘅連接詞?唔洗驚嘅,喺考DSE前都重有得追,今次就嚟學返「否則」、「不然」可以點講啦!English Paper 2 同Paper 4 嘅past paper都用得!


  • Otherwise


It is one of the government’s responsibilities to launch campaigns to protect the fading cultures; otherwise, who can save the local food and entertainment cultures for our city.



  • If not


People still have the habit of reading and consider reading as an important part of their daily life. If not, they would not have visited the book fair and the book fair would never be that popular too.



  • Or


EQ is very important as a measurement to show how much we understand the feelings and emotions of others, or we would not be able to know how well we are when communicating and working with people around us.

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  • Or else


Some age limits are set to protect the younger generations, or else it may be too early for them to get to know things like smoking which can be harmful to them.



            學多一種表達方法, DSE Language分就自然升升升啦!