1) Head start 有利的開始

I have a head start in this game because I bought the special tool by paying money.

2) Pain in the neck 惹人討厭的人/事

I hate to get on the train in rush hour. It is really my pain in the neck.

3) A weight off your shoulders 如釋重負

The presentation is finally over. It is a weight off my shoulders.

4) Hands are tied 束手無策

Without enough funding, our organization can do nothing to help the animals in need. Our hands are tied under this situation.

5) Weak at the knees 腿發軟

Every time I ride the roller coaster, I go weak at the knees.

6) Find your feet 適應新環境

University is an amazing place to explore. All you need to do is to take time in finding your feet.