Food reviews are flooding into the internet nowadays. The writings are attractive and mouth-watering, but if you need to write it in English, do you know how to describe the aroma, taste and texture of the food, other than using tasty and delicious? If you wish to learn more, the following may help!


  • Tender


The beef is overcooked. It is not tender enough.


  • Greasy


The deep-fried chicken is too greasy for a sick person, so you should not eat it.


  • Smoky


This wine has a smoky flavor which is the signature of this brand.


  • Crunchy


This biscuit is very crunchy and I cannot stop myself from consuming it.


  • Gooey


I asked for a gooey cake in chocolate flavor as birthday present.


  • Succulent


A large and succulent steak is definitely mouth-watering.


You are welcomed to mark down the above food adjectives and continue with the next article!