If you are bored with using repeated words to tell the taste and texture of food, or you want to write it out precisely, this article can surely help. You may find that a lack of vocabulary is the major problem, but through reading this, you can learn new adjectives for describing food while eating too!


  • Nutty


This chocolate is deliciously nutty and smooth, so I am going to buy three packs.



  • Mellow


Mellow strawberry is delightfully sweet.


  • Fruity


The fruity taste of this soft drink is better than that of other brands.


  • Creamy


This soup is creamy, yet very spicy.


  • Buttery


This bread tastes deliciously buttery and soft.


  • Tangy


This coffee has a tangy taste as the coffee beans are under high-quality production process.


After learning several food adjectives, you can try to write some excellent food reviews too!