DSE Paper 2 嘅用字要多變,最好唔好重覆使用同一組用詞太多次。如果你想表達唔同意或者反對某件事嘅時候,除咗do not agree with it 仲有咩字係可以代替呢?想知道的話,就一齊嚟睇睇以下用字啦!


  • Be against 反對


Some are against the protection of intangible cultural heritage items as those items are not helping economic needs of the city, yet wasting the effort to preserve them.



  • Be opposed to 反對


It is noticed that staff are opposed to long working hours because of a lack of resting time.



  • Be at odds 反對


I am at odds with the cancellation of policy of reporting students’ class position due to several advantages that it brings.



  • Object 反對


I object the view that watching TV makes us smarter due to imbalanced qualities of programs.



學識say no 先喺致勝之道,記得要抄低以上用字啦!