If you want to give a brief conclusion for the points you made, the whole article or the examples, you need to generalize them before introducing the summary, or else, it would be a mess! To keep it tidy and neat in your passage, the discourse markers below can surely help! Remember to jot them down so that you can use it in paper 2, 3 and 4.


  • In most cases


In most cases, the rich diversity of cuisines in Hong Kong is the dominant incentive for tourists to come and visit Hong Kong.


  • As a rule


As a rule, people who violate the law in keeping the street clean needs to be fined, so it should be the same for that old lady.


  • Chiefly


Chiefly, a night hike is exhausting yet helps to train up our endurance.


  • On the whole


On the whole, penalties and fines consist of a sufficient amount of deterrent effect to stop people from littering.


  • Broadly speaking


Broadly speaking, introducing more bus lanes wouldn’t be a good antidote for traffic congestion.

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