When you are writing argumentative articles or trying to persuade people, the language you use is a determining factor in whether your work is outstanding or not. Therefore, what you need are the discourse markers that help you to emphasize your stance and points! Seek the attention of markers and stop acting too ambiguous!


  • As a matter of fact


As a matter of fact, going on a working holiday is an eye-opening experience.


  • Most important of all


Most important of all, giving blood is beneficial for both the donor and the receiver.


  • Without any questions


Without any questions, catching up with the trend in changing smartphones once a year, can be too luxurious for underprivileged families.


  • The chief characteristic


The chief characteristic of young people who avoid social contact is that they push others away from their comfort zone.


  • To some extent


To some extent, working in Shenzhen can allow people to attain a better quality of life, due to the lower cost of living and it being less crowded.


Discourse markers are beneficial for stating your content beforehand so that the marker can have a better understanding. Let’s pin down the useful discourse markers!