Sleeping occupies one-third of our day, making it so important for us. There are a lot of words that we can use to describe sleeping other than the word ‘sleep’. Let’s check out the words below to make sure you can understand more about your sleeping habits!


Take a nap : sleep during daytime

I want to take a nap before preparing for the show tonight.


Stay up late : not sleeping at late night

I couldn’t finish the proposal, so I stayed up late last night to complete it.


Insomnia : unable to fall asleep

I suffered from insomnia the past few months and I am going to seek advice from a doctor.


Oversleep : sleeping too late

I am so sorry! I overslept in the morning, so I am late for school.


Barely hold my eyes open : very sleepy

I can barely hold my eyes open, and I may nod off any second.


So, before you go to bed, remember the words you’ve learned today!