The biggest difference between part 2 and other part is the length of answer. Part 1 requires short and clear response, while part 2 needs candidates to show their coherence and ability in organizing ideas. The questions are usually about the candidates themselves. Just look at the question types below to prepare ahead!


  • Sport


Describe a sport you have learned.


      You should say:

            What it is

            When you first learned it ;and

            Explain why you enjoyed it.


  • Music


Describe a song you recently heard.



You should say:

What kind of music it is

What sort of people would enjoy it

How do you feel about it ; and

Explain why you enjoyed it.


  • People around you


Describe a person you know who is admirable.


You should say:

Who the person is

What this person is like

How do you know this person ; and

Explain why this person is admirable.


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