Wall Street English is an official Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) agent authorized by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. We can arrange for testing at any one of our centres in Hong Kong. BULATS is recognized by the Hong Kong Continuing Education Fund (CEF) so students who pass the BULATS examination can be qualified for this funding.

BULATS is a suite of language tests being widely used by companies in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas,which need a reliable way of evaluating the language skills of employees/ job applicants who need to use English in their work.

BULATS consists of 3 parts, including:

  1. Listening + Reading and Language Knowledge (110 questions) – 50 minutes
  2. Writing (short message [50-60 words] + report [180-200 words]) – 45 minutes
  3. Speaking (interview + presentation + discussion) – 12 minutes

Still find it difficult writing an email without a dictionary after all these years of learning English?

Most of the Hong Kong people have been learning English in a roundabout way: reading->writing->speaking->listening, which is not in line with the natural way of learning your mother tongue: listening->speaking->reading->writing. To enhance your learning effectiveness, Wall Street English employs mother-tongue learning method and designed one-of-a-kind interactive English courses which strengthen your listening and speaking skills before reading and writing. You will be able to see how much you have improved soon after taking our courses.

Are you ready to do your best in BULATS and sharpen your competitive edge?

Assess your English level in BULATS? Wall Street English offers it for free!


Wall Street English’s
– Upper Waystage 1
0-39 Limited command of English, can understand and pass on simple messages.
Upper Waystage 2
– Milestone 1
40-59 Limited but effective command of English, can participate in familiar topics and exchange simple factual information.
Milestone 2
– Mastery 1
60-74 Generally effective command of English, can make simple conversations in business contexts. Many employees are required to have acquired this level.
Mastery 2 and above 75+ Good command of English, can participate effectively in discussions and meetings in social and business contexts.



All centres of Wall Street English in Hong Kong are officially appointed agents for University of Cambridge Business Language Testing Service (BULATS).


BULATS is recognised by the Hong Kong Continuing Education Fund so students who pass the BULATS examination can qualify for CEF funding.