15 6, 2022

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For introducing ideas)

15/6/2022|Categories: Business|

After learning the concept of how to introduce the information in a precise and direct way, you can find more useful sentence structures by reading the other related articles!

13 6, 2022

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For transition)

13/6/2022|Categories: Business|

When you are writing reports on the topic of research or analysis, the data and findings may not be consistent and somehow contradictory to each other. So, how can you bring out another point of view? Or to suggest the limitation of a recent research? Let’s read the following to find out the useful sentence structures for writing report!

10 6, 2022


10/6/2022|Categories: Business|


16 5, 2022

What is ‘Carve out a niche’ ? 5 common phrases you must know!

16/5/2022|Categories: Business|

There are a lot of Business English phrases to learn and one of the shortcuts is to get full command of the most frequently used phrases. Do you want to receive compliments for high proficiency in English? Or are you tired of being underestimated? This article can help you improve your business English promptly.

13 5, 2022

6 polite and decent ways to say ‘thank you’ in email

13/5/2022|Categories: Business|

When you are typing an email reply, one of the most common way is to begin with saying thank you. But, have you ever considered better ways to express your gratitude? Let’s learn more about this by reading below examples!

11 5, 2022

How to compliment my colleagues? 5 useful words you should know!

11/5/2022|Categories: Business|

Have you ever wondered what word should be used to pay compliment to your colleagues when you truly find them hard-working? It is important to know that lauding their work performance and showing your appreciation towards their work attitudes can really make their day! Let’s learn about the appropriate words for compliment together!

20 4, 2022

Instead of ‘I can do’ in a job interview, you could say…

20/4/2022|Categories: Business|

When applying for a job, you should show your strengths to the interviewer. On one hand, showing that you have the ability to work, and on the other hand, showing your enthusiasm for the job position. Rather than saying 'I can do...’, you should use these following sentences!

19 4, 2022

Answering common interview questions! Use these 7 useful phrases when facing difficulties!

19/4/2022|Categories: Business|

‘Have you encountered any difficulties at work?’, or ‘How do you deal with difficulties?’ are some of the common questions asked during interviews. In addition to ‘face the challenges’, you can try to use these following 7 ways to express yourself and impress the interviewer!

14 4, 2022

The sorrows of work! ‘Scary’ people and things at work!

14/4/2022|Categories: Business|

If you were asked about things that you don’t want to encounter at work, would your answer be having a huge workload or meeting a demanding boss? Besides, are there any colleagues you are afraid to meet? These followings phrases are some examples of sorrows of work, let’s see if you have encountered such situations!

16 3, 2022

Business English vs Everyday English! How does the same word have a different meaning when used in different occasions?

16/3/2022|Categories: Business, Daily|

Do you know that the exact same English word, when just changing the part of speech, can be used differently in the business world and in daily life? For example, you may hear about ‘inflation’ and ‘deflation’, but what do they mean in our everyday English?

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