12 1, 2022

Did we make money or lose money? English business idioms about ‘money’!

12/1/2022|Categories: Business|

There are many idioms in the workplace that are related to money, such as profits, costs, budgets. If you just translate those idioms literally, you can easily misunderstand the meaning. Today, we have prepared 8 money-related idioms. Let’s jot them down and figure out what these idioms mean!

14 12, 2021

How to be polite when asking a colleague for help?

14/12/2021|Categories: Business|

Do you find it difficult to ask others for help? However, in the workplace, there are always situations that you need to ask your colleagues for help. Today, we will teach you 8 phrases that you can use to ask for help politely!

13 12, 2021

Are you being asked to help but you are overloaded with work? How should we reject helping our colleagues?

13/12/2021|Categories: Business|

Have you ever been overloaded with work but then someone asks you for more help? How would you respond? Do you think that refusal is rude and you always agree to help? Learn to say no appropriately when you cannot handle additional tasks!

8 12, 2021

What is the meaning of shoptalk? The multiple meanings of ‘talks’ in the business world!

8/12/2021|Categories: Business|

‘Talk’ means speaking to sb, and ‘talks’ can also be interpreted as having a serious and formal conversation of an important topic, in order to reach an agreement or decision. In addition, especially in the workplace, ‘talk’ can be used with various of words, let’s learn some examples!

10 11, 2021

How to respond when the interviewer asks you about your strengths?

10/11/2021|Categories: Business|

To ace an interview, you should mention a few of your strengths when the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself or asks you why you are the best candidate for the position. Usually, we will use some adjectives to respond. However, you may want to try to use these phrases below for a more excellent response!

8 11, 2021

Business English: How to label these 6 types of annoying colleagues?

8/11/2021|Categories: Business|

In the workplace, you must have encountered colleagues whom you do not like or get along. You don’t want to see them, but you still have to work with them. We listed 6 types of annoying colleagues below. Do you agree with us and can you recognise some of them?

21 10, 2021

Business English: Does the other party looking to reach an agreement? Use these 6 phrases to help you close the deal!

21/10/2021|Categories: Business|

In the workplace, there are full of negotiations and disagreements. We must understand whether the other party has the intention to reach an agreement with us or not. Therefore, we would like to introduce 6 related phrases to help you react to them today!

21 10, 2021

Business English: Have you received a complaint from customers? Use these 5 tips to turn omissions into opportunities!

21/10/2021|Categories: Business|

Have you received a complaint from customers? Use these 5 tips to turn omissions into opportunities!

23 9, 2021

Must-read for working professionals if you’d like to fully understand what your colleagues and clients are talking about!

23/9/2021|Categories: Business|

Many English expressions can be used in specific contexts without carrying their literal meaning, which can easily confuse people. If you’d like to avoid misunderstanding what your boss, colleagues, or clients are talking about, let’s study some examples together!

20 9, 2021

Business English: How can ‘table’ be used as a verb? What does “on/off the table” mean?

20/9/2021|Categories: Business|

If you’ve thought that ‘table’ can only be used as a noun, check this out! The word can also be used as a verb and convey two different meanings. Also, there are English phrases related to table, for example, ‘keep a good table’. Do you know what it means?

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