20 1, 2020

Business English : How to close your email properly !?

20/1/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

When you are typing a business email, you need to be careful of the grammar and tone. Besides the content, organization is important too. You need to write a proper closing! In this article, different situations will be mentioned to ensure you can choose the most appropriate closing for your email.

17 1, 2020

Business English : How to make an appointment in English? (2)

17/1/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

In the former passage, a smooth version of appointment-making has been introduced. This time, there are three common questions that you may face in arranging an appointment with others, like how to reject an appointment if you aren’t free at that time. Just take a look at the passage and sweep your worries away!   [...]

15 1, 2020

Business English : How to make an appointment in English? (1)

15/1/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|

There are different departments in a company and so, coworkers are working under their own schedules and arrangements. When you have to make an appointment with them, you may need to ask them in English to see if they are available or not. This passage is going to talk about ways to ask for their availability, clarifying your aim and offering alternatives if the schedule can’t fit right in.

24 12, 2019

Jingle Bell Jingle bell! What does ‘be there when bells on’ refer to? Let’s talk about Christmas idioms!

24/12/2019|Categories: Business, Conversation|

Which festival is the most lovable one? Christmas must be on top of the list in most of our hearts! Christmas is an elated and jovial festival, there are a lot of useful phrases we can learn and share with family and friends too! What does ‘stocking stuffer’ mean? Does ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ refer to not to stare at the horse? What means by ‘Christmas comes but once a year’? Are you curious about the meanings of them? Why don’t we reveal the answers now!

22 12, 2019

How to invite others in English ? With the guide in accepting and refusing an invitation

22/12/2019|Categories: Business|

No matter in workplace or your personal life, you might have to invite others to come along for a meal or movie. Do you know how to ask people out for a drink? Out of courtesy, we will not force him/her to join, instead, we will ask with respect. This article includes the ways to make invitations, as well as the expressions to accept and reject them.

20 12, 2019

Too busy to be true, can’t take my eyes off work? 8 expressions to say ‘I’m busy ‘

20/12/2019|Categories: Business|Tags: |

Working around the clock is definitely exhausting and people often release their stress by shouting “I am busy”. However, it is too old-fashioned to say it in this way and sometimes people tend to ignore your mourning as this expression is no longer new to them. Today, we will introduce you some other ways to deliver the same message!

10 12, 2019

Business English : What is ‘Carve out a niche’ ? 5 common phrases you must know!

10/12/2019|Categories: Business|Tags: |

There are a lot of Business English phrases to learn and one of the shortcuts is to get full command of the most frequently used phrases. Do you want to receive compliments for high proficiency in English? Or are you tired of being underestimated? This article can help you improve your business English promptly.  

9 12, 2019

6 polite and decent ways to say ‘thank you’ in email

9/12/2019|Categories: Business|Tags: |

When you are typing an email reply, one of the most common way is to begin with saying thank you. But, have you ever considered better ways to express your gratitude? Let’s learn more about this by reading below examples!

9 12, 2019

How to compliment my colleagues? 5 useful words you should know!

9/12/2019|Categories: Business|Tags: |

Have you ever wondered what word should be used to pay compliment to your colleagues when you truly find them hard-working? It is important to know that lauding their work performance and showing your appreciation towards their work attitudes can really make their day! Let’s learn about the appropriate words for compliment together!

21 11, 2019

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For transition)

21/11/2019|Categories: Business|

When you are writing report on the topic of research or analysis, the data and findings may not be consistent and somehow contradictory. So, how can you bring out another point of views? Or to suggest the limitation of recent research? Let’s read on to find out the useful sentence structures for writing report!

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