14 4, 2022

The sorrows of work! ‘Scary’ people and things at work!

14/4/2022|Categories: Business|

If you were asked about things that you don’t want to encounter at work, would your answer be having a huge workload or meeting a demanding boss? Besides, are there any colleagues you are afraid to meet? These followings phrases are some examples of sorrows of work, let’s see if you have encountered such situations!

16 3, 2022

Business English vs Everyday English! How does the same word have a different meaning when used in different occasions?

16/3/2022|Categories: Business, Daily|

Do you know that the exact same English word, when just changing the part of speech, can be used differently in the business world and in daily life? For example, you may hear about ‘inflation’ and ‘deflation’, but what do they mean in our everyday English?

14 3, 2022

Applications of business negotiation skills! Learn these 6 English phrases related to negotiation!

14/3/2022|Categories: Business|

In the workplace, negotiation has always been an integral part. Whether it is negotiating the agreement on conditions with potential business partners, or negotiating salary and contract details, good negotiation skills are required to achieve the ideal results. Let’s learn these 6 English phrases related to business negotiations today!

11 3, 2022

What can we use instead for ‘contract’? We won’t say ‘sign a contract’ in these situations!

11/3/2022|Categories: Business|

Contracts are the most powerful legal protection documents for the interests of both parties. Thus, they are indispensable in the business world. Today, we are going to introduce 5 English phrases related to contracts, as well as 2 words that can replace ‘contract’!

14 2, 2022

Creating positive energy in the workplace! Ten common proverbs for work!

14/2/2022|Categories: Business|

Many of you may have heard a lot of Chinese proverbs, but how many English proverbs do you know? Today we are going to share ten proverbs that you can use at work to create an upbeat workplace.

11 2, 2022

8 essential words for rookies at work!

11/2/2022|Categories: Business|

For the newcomers in the business environment, you should learn these English words to express yourself clearly. Prepare for your self-introduction or to reject someone nicely!

12 1, 2022

Did we make money or lose money? English business idioms about ‘money’!

12/1/2022|Categories: Business|

There are many idioms in the workplace that are related to money, such as profits, costs, budgets. If you just translate those idioms literally, you can easily misunderstand the meaning. Today, we have prepared 8 money-related idioms. Let’s jot them down and figure out what these idioms mean!

14 12, 2021

How to be polite when asking a colleague for help?

14/12/2021|Categories: Business|

Do you find it difficult to ask others for help? However, in the workplace, there are always situations that you need to ask your colleagues for help. Today, we will teach you 8 phrases that you can use to ask for help politely!

13 12, 2021

Are you being asked to help but you are overloaded with work? How should we reject helping our colleagues?

13/12/2021|Categories: Business|

Have you ever been overloaded with work but then someone asks you for more help? How would you respond? Do you think that refusal is rude and you always agree to help? Learn to say no appropriately when you cannot handle additional tasks!

8 12, 2021

What is the meaning of shoptalk? The multiple meanings of ‘talks’ in the business world!

8/12/2021|Categories: Business|

‘Talk’ means speaking to sb, and ‘talks’ can also be interpreted as having a serious and formal conversation of an important topic, in order to reach an agreement or decision. In addition, especially in the workplace, ‘talk’ can be used with various of words, let’s learn some examples!

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