5 3, 2020

Business English: The useful expressions with the word ‘make’! (1)

5/3/2020|Categories: Business|

Most of you may think that Business English is about using some advanced and uncommon phrases. Yet, it is a big misconception! If you know how to use the common expressions, it can be a very simple thing. The expressions with the word ‘make’ can surely help you in dealing with email reply and meeting.

21 2, 2020

Business email : Useful English expressions to congratulate others for different situations!

21/2/2020|Categories: Business|Tags: , , |

When your coworkers and clients get promoted or they are having remarkable working performance, put your jealousy aside and try to congratulate them! Do you know how to congratulate others in English? Let’s check it out below!

19 2, 2020

Business English : How to deliver and respond to good news and bad news!? (introducing bad news)

19/2/2020|Categories: Business|Tags: , , |

Delivering bad news can be disappointing, so we need some common phrases that can help us to show the feeling of that. When we are receiving some bad news, sometimes we may encounter a loss of words as it’s hard for us to make a response. In this passage, it would help you to find the right response when hearing the bad news.

19 2, 2020

Business English : How to deliver and respond to good news and bad news!? (introducing good news)

19/2/2020|Categories: Business|Tags: , , |

When you have good news to share, you don’t always have to include the phrase ‘ good news’. To make your English sounds more native, you may try on the following expressions. And if you are receiving good news from others, do you know how should you respond to that? Let’s read below to find out the answers!

12 2, 2020

6 ways for saying ‘thank you’ casually and politely in daily life!

12/2/2020|Categories: Business, Daily|Tags: , , |

In daily life, you may want to express how thankful you are to your neighbor or friends for their help. Do you know how to show your thankfulness in a casual and polite way other than ‘thank you’? Let’s get the idea of saying thank you in some new ways.

9 2, 2020

Useful English Expressions! How to rephrase ‘I don’t know’!?

9/2/2020|Categories: Business, Daily|Tags: , , , , |

Sometimes, when others questioned you about something that you haven’t got an idea or information, you can answer him/her by saying below expressions other than ‘I don’t know’! For friends, you can always use the straightforward approach, but if it's in the workplace, you may consider offering help after admitting the fact that you didn’t know the answer.

20 1, 2020

Business English: How to close your email properly !?

20/1/2020|Categories: Business|Tags: , , |

When you are typing a business email, you need to be careful of the grammar and tone. Besides the content, organization is important too. You need to write a proper closing! In this article, different situations will be mentioned to ensure you can choose the most appropriate closing for your email.

17 1, 2020

Business English : How to make an appointment in English? (2)

17/1/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|Tags: , , |

In the former passage, a smooth version of appointment-making has been introduced. This time, there are three common questions that you may face in arranging an appointment with others, like how to reject an appointment if you aren’t free at that time. Just take a look at the passage and sweep your worries away!

15 1, 2020

Business English : How to make an appointment in English? (1)

15/1/2020|Categories: Business, Conversation|Tags: , , |

There are different departments in a company and so, coworkers are working under their own schedules and arrangements. When you have to make an appointment with them, you may need to ask them in English to see if they are available or not. This passage is going to talk about ways to ask for their availability, clarifying your aim and offering alternatives if the schedule can’t fit right in.

22 12, 2019

How to invite others in English ? With the guide in accepting and refusing an invitation

22/12/2019|Categories: Business, Daily|Tags: , , |

No matter in workplace or your personal life, you might have to invite others to come along for a meal or movie. Do you know how to ask people out for a drink? Out of courtesy, we will not force him/her to join, instead, we will ask with respect. This article includes the ways to make invitations, as well as the expressions to accept and reject them.

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