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27 7, 2020

Is it correct !? Common mistakes in using ‘forgot doing sth’ and ‘forgot to do sth’ type of phrases!?

27/7/2020|Categories: English Test|

Remember ? Forgot ? Forgot to do? Remember doing? What is the difference between these words and phrases? Do you know if you are using them correctly?  How about finding it out by doing this mini test, which takes less than 5 minutes, to make sure you don’t make the common mistakes? Let’s do it now!

29 5, 2020

How to admit mistake / fault in English?

29/5/2020|Categories: English Test|Tags: , |

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. It can be kind of cliché to say that, but the vital point is that we have to admit it, without making that statement an excuse for ourselves. Maybe you miss some of your work unfinished before or accidentally infuriate your partner, and so you need to learn how should we face our own mistakes. Let’s learn the English expressions in admitting our mistakes and fault in this passage!

12 8, 2019

Eat more, learn more! 12 adjectives to describe food that you should know!(2)

12/8/2019|Categories: English Test|

If you are bored with using repeated words to tell the taste and texture of food, or you want to write it out precisely, this article can surely help. You may find that a lack of vocabulary is the major problem, but through reading this, you can learn new adjectives for describing food while eating too!

9 8, 2019

Eat more, learn more! 12 adjectives to describe food that you should know!(1)

9/8/2019|Categories: English Test|

Food reviews are flooding into the internet nowadays. The writings are attractive and mouth-watering, but if you need to write it in English, do you know how to describe the aroma, taste and texture of the food, other than using tasty and delicious? If you wish to learn more, the following may help!

23 7, 2018


23/7/2018|Categories: English Test, Travel|

有冇試過去旅行時俾人問:"Where are you from?"(你從哪裡來)?呢個問題看似十分簡單,但答"I am Hong Kong people"就貽笑大方喇~睇睇以下介紹家鄉/國籍/國家嘅多種講法喇!

1 3, 2014

World Knowledge Quiz

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How well do you know our world?

12 12, 2013


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1 10, 2013

How fit are you?

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What do you usually have for breakfast?

14 2, 2012

免費英語測試 – 吸引異性有咩方法?

14/2/2012|Categories: English Test|Tags: , , |

吸引異性一味靠Chok 點掂呀?有關愛情的日常英文你會識幾多?立即測下你嘅爆人的指數!

21 8, 2009


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