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24 12, 2019

Can we start it all over again? How to say new beginning in idioms?

24/12/2019|Categories: English Tips|

Many Chinese old sayings say the beginning of a year is springtime and the start of a day is the morning. Do you know how to express it in English? If we have to restart a job due to the failed attempt, what idiom can we use? What means ‘turning over a new leaf’? Let’s learn the related idioms in the following article!

18 9, 2019

How to request a leave of absence!? 4 steps to get it done!

18/9/2019|Categories: Business, Conversation, English Tips|

When you want to request a leave of absence, do you know to write a proper email or letter? It is vital for employees to explain clearly and politely before getting the approval. So, let’s learn the 4 steps in writing an appropriate email together!

18 9, 2019

How to get sick leave in English !? Symptoms of sickness you should know!

18/9/2019|Categories: Business, Conversation, English Tips|Tags: , |

It is unavoidable to apply for sick leave when you are seriously ill. Before that happens, learning some English terms for the symptoms of sickness will be very useful in case of emergency. Let’s take a look at the common types of illness and read on the sample sentences on how to get sick leave now !

23 8, 2019

The common expressions for meetings that you ought to learn (1)

23/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

It is not unusual to hold an English meeting as we are living in a diverse society and workplace. If you have been wondering how people speak fluently during the meeting, this article will be very helpful for you as it suggests the common expressions to use during meeting.

21 8, 2019

‘A thousand year’ can be expressed in other way? Some special words for time that you should know!

21/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

Do you know how to indicate ‘ten years’ through another term? Is ‘aeon’ just the name of a well-known brand? Do you know that there are some special terms for 10 years, 100 years and 1000years? Let’s take a closer look into this interesting fact!

14 8, 2019


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12 8, 2019


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8 8, 2019


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5 8, 2019

Cookery lesson in English! 12 verbs in cooking that you need to know!(1)

5/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

When you are reading recipe in English, have you ever encountered a lot of verbs that are difficult to understand? Or when you want to describe the process of cooking, would it be difficult for you to do so? Now, let’s take a look at some of the useful cooking verbs!!!

2 8, 2019

Cookery lesson in English! 12 verbs in cooking that you need to know!(2)

2/8/2019|Categories: English Tips|

Apart from the cooking verbs introduced in the former article, there are still many verbs that you should know! How to instruct people to cook the dish in oven? How to ask people to remove skin from the ingredients? Let’s take a look at those useful cooking verbs below!

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