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10 8, 2020

“Work from home” becomes our future? What’s the difference between “work from home” and “work at home”?

10/8/2020|Categories: English Tips|

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Before, working from home was a privilege limited to very few people. Now it has been extended to most of us adhering to social distancing measures. It is believed that the “work from home” mode will be the new normal in the near future.

2 7, 2020

How to write a complaint letter ? Use these expressions which can help you!

2/7/2020|Categories: English Tips|

Sometimes after you bought something or purchased certain service, you may dissatisfy with their poor quality or how the staff treated you. At that moment, making complaints can be a way out too. This helps the company or shop to understand their problems and you can get compensation based on the reasonable complaints. Let’s learn about how to organize a complaint email or letter.

2 7, 2020

Boba’ love : How to order bubble tea in English?

2/7/2020|Categories: English Tips|

In this era, people are often craving for bubble tea, like fruit bubble tea, classic bubble tea or brown sugar bubble tea. After conquering Hong Kong, the desire for bubble tea is sweeping Japan and the Japanese introduced many fusion foods with bubbles, such as bubble ramen and bubble beer. Yet, do you know how to buy bubble tea in English so that you can have a customized one? Let’s check it out below!

30 6, 2020

Don’t Waste your Free Time! Say Yes to Maximising your English learning

30/6/2020|Categories: English Tips|

An ever-growing number of people today around the world are realizing that they need and want to learn English. But almost everyone is unsure they have enough time to do it. However, recent research carried out by Sapio Research for Wall Street English has shown that people do have more than enough free time but they frequently use it badly.

28 5, 2020

The common mistakes in collocations you need to avoid!

28/5/2020|Categories: English Tips|Tags: , , |

Collocation is a bit complicated as the combinations are grammatically correct, but the meaning can be very different. Native English speakers may understand the meaning, yet it is kind of strange to say it out. Why not check out from the below to see if the collocation you used is correct or not?

27 5, 2020

English Grammar Test: 4 Common mistakes when you’re using preposition

27/5/2020|Categories: English Tips, Grammar|Tags: , |

To improve English level, apart from a rich variety of vocabularies and sentence structures, the use of preposition plays a vital role as well. Do you want to know how good is your English? Do you want to talk like a native speaker? Let’s try the following test to see if you would make those common mistakes while using preposition or not!

28 4, 2020

Acing the DSE with flying colors! DSE English paper 2: The sentence structures that you must learn! (2)

28/4/2020|Categories: English Tips|Tags: , , |

 Is ‘I think that’ the most common sentence structures in your writing? Do you want to vary your sentence patterns? Here goes the sentence structures that you must learn which are applied to past paper to show how helpful they are!

23 4, 2020

DSE Paper 4 : 5 essential words for illustrating effects

23/4/2020|Categories: English Tips|Tags: , , |

Facing DSE English speaking , you may need to answer some regular questions, such as how a problem or phenomenon is affecting people or something. Do you know what kind of vocabulary you need, in order to get higher marks? Let’s take a look at this article to find them out!

27 3, 2020


27/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|Tags: |

出外旅遊可能會聽到車廂或商場廣播,到底喺講緊做得定唔做得?禁止食嘢,唔俾用手機之類嘅英文應該點講?想阻止人哋做違規嘅嘢,又可以點同佢講?唔洗驚驚嘅,其實只要善用以下嘅句式,就可以輕鬆 KO!

27 3, 2020

Don’t do that! How to forbid someone to do something in English?

27/3/2020|Categories: English Tips|

When you are traveling in a foreign country, you may realize that the announcement is sometimes related to things that must not be done in that area. For instance, it can be the prohibition of eating and drinking or using mobile phones. You may need the vocabulary and sentence structures below so that you can [...]

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