27 6, 2022

‘subsidize’ = ‘put xxx’? Various phrasal verbs with ‘Put’!

27/6/2022|Categories: DSE|

When talking about phrasal verbs, do you often hear ‘put’ with ‘put on’ and ‘put out’? Today, we are not going to discuss these two phrasal verbs. Instead, let’s understand the other phrasal verbs with ‘put’!

24 6, 2022

Should we use ‘some’ or ‘any’ in these following situations?

24/6/2022|Categories: DSE|

‘Some’ and ‘Any’ are commonly used when we are learning about the English grammar. So, do you know how to distinguish these two words? Today, we are going to talk about some general situations and 3 exceptions to use these words!

8 6, 2022


8/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|


6 6, 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Common topics and frequently asked questions you have to know (2)

6/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|

In our last article, we mentioned the common questions about education, media and environment. In this article, we will introduce more frequently asked questions. This can boost your confidence and help you to get a taste of these question types!

2 6, 2022

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Common topics and frequently asked questions that you have to know (1)

2/6/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Most candidates feel nervous about IELTS speaking part 3. The major reason is that the direction of part 3 will follow the flow of part 2, yet the aspect will be much boarder. This part is approximately 5 minutes and candidates need to respond immediately. So, let’s get yourself prepared by looking at the questions below, it will help you get familiarize with these types of questions!

30 5, 2022

Try using these to describe something that is prevalent and common!

30/5/2022|Categories: DSE|

Many students may choose the topic of social issues in DSE Writing Paper 2. When you mention a popular issue, can you think of other words than ‘prevalent’? Especially if you want to describe something negative is prevalent, what words should you used?

27 5, 2022

How many synonyms of ‘explain’ do you know?

27/5/2022|Categories: DSE|

When charts are shown in the exam questions, you can always see the word ‘explain’. Apart from “explain”, these following words also have similar meanings!

25 5, 2022

These nouns can be countable and uncountable in some situations! What is the difference?

25/5/2022|Categories: DSE|

Nouns can be divided into two categories, countable and uncountable. Some English words seem only to be uncountable nouns, such as ‘power’, yet it can also be countable nouns! Do you know what ‘power’ means when it is used as a countable noun?

9 5, 2022

Never ask this again! 3 important skills to ask questions!

9/5/2022|Categories: IELTS|

In the IELTS Speaking exams, can we ask questions? The answer is Yes. However, you have to be aware of what questions you can ask and what should be avoided. How to ask questions in a nicer manner? Let’s learn about it in the following passage.

6 5, 2022

How to master academic writing? 3 points you should be aware of!

6/5/2022|Categories: IELTS|

Academic writing is very much different from sending messages or drafting an email. It demands coherence in language and content. So do you think you know the right formula for academic writing? If you are not very sure, why don’t we check out the 3 fundamental ideas in writing it?

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