10 2, 2021

IELTS Writing Task 2: How to Write ‘Compare and Contrast’ Type of Essay

10/2/2021|Categories: IELTS|

In ‘compare and contrast’ type of essay, IELTS examiners want you to discuss the points of comparing and contrasting the two things i.e. similarities and differences between the two different arguments. Therefore, it is important that you can use a wide range of sentence patterns to compare and contrast. We hope you find the following list of sentence patterns useful in your writing!

8 2, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (verbs part 2)

8/2/2021|Categories: IELTS|

Last time we talked about useful synonyms for some common adjectives. Let’s look at some verbs this time!

5 2, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (verbs part 1)

5/2/2021|Categories: IELTS|

Last time we talked about synonyms of common adjectives in the IELTS tests. How many words have you added to your vocabulary bank? Here comes the second session of this series----verbs.

29 1, 2021

When, while or as? The difference among linking words

29/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

It is hard to deny that we use a lot of linking words in English tests, such as “because of” and “as well as”. Besides knowing their synonyms, a lot of students do not know how to use them in sentences. We are going to introduce you the difference among “when”, “while” and “as”.

27 1, 2021

For example vs. such as: confusing words related to giving examples

27/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

In DSE writing, sometimes we need to give out examples to support our argument. Good writers explain their ideas well. One way they explain their ideas is to include examples which make the writer's thoughts much more concrete, practical, and comprehensible to the reader. However, do you know the difference between “for example” and “such as”? Here comes a detailed explanation of how to give out examples in your English writing.

25 1, 2021

Pull over? look over? 7 common phrasal verbs with “over”

25/1/2021|Categories: DSE|

Over and over again…There is a lot of phrasal verbs with “over”. Do you know the meanings of each of them? We summarized a list for you which lists out the meanings of those phrasal verbs.

8 1, 2021

Useful sentence patterns: Cause & solutions and Advantages & disadvantages

8/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

The most popular type of writing questions in IELTS are cause & solutions and advantages & disadvantages. It requires candidate to be precise and concise when presenting their arguments. We are going to give you guys a list of useful sentence patterns for writing argumentative essays.

6 1, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (adjectives part 2)

6/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

This time we are going to continue introducing the synonyms of adjectives which can boost up your test score.

4 1, 2021

8 common synonyms for improving your IELTS score (adjectives part 1)

4/1/2021|Categories: IELTS|

A great way to improve your IELTS score is by using synonyms for common words. In the marking criteria of writing and speaking test, a 7 score requires students to “use a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility”. We summarized a list of common words that can help a great deal in getting you a good IELTS score.

31 12, 2020

7 alternative ways to say “so that” you need to know

31/12/2020|Categories: DSE|

Do you have the issue of constantly using the same sentence pattern in your English writing or speaking tests? For example, the “so that” structure is one of the most overused patterns among English learners. Today, we are going to give you some simple substitutes for “so that”.

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