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13 4, 2018

Two-minute English: How to Seek Advice with Making Decisions

13/4/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Hesitating when you cannot make your own decision? Learn how to ask for others’ picks.

23 3, 2018

Two-minute English: 4 Expressions to Show Your Support

23/3/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Give a word of encouragement to show your care and support to someone in hard times.

16 3, 2018

Two-minute English: 3 Expressions to Tell People Not To Hurry

16/3/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

When you arrive earlier than the others for the date, show your manner by telling them not to get anxious about being late.

9 3, 2018

Two-minute English: 5 Common Pronunciation Mistakes

9/3/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , , |

There are more awkward situations caused by wrong pronunciation in English than you can imagine. Check if you have made these mistakes before!

2 3, 2018

Two-minute English: How to State Your Own Opinion

2/3/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

You will find it easier in leading conversation and expressing your opinion by starting with these phrases in a meeting or discussion.

23 2, 2018

Two-minute English: Agree with feeling vs Agree with opinion

23/2/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

You had better know more about yourself before you agree with someone. Do you agree with the opinion, or just the speaker's feeling?

16 2, 2018

Two-minute English: Sorry is the hardest word

16/2/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Saying “sorry” may not be enough in some cases which you get someone really angry or upset. You had better say these instead.

9 2, 2018

Two-minute English: Reducing Your Solid Waste

9/2/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Check on things you can do to reduce waste production and disposal, and try to be more responsible for this beautiful living planet.

2 2, 2018

Two-minute English: Expressions for making decisions

2/2/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Check on these different ways of showing your preferences and, from now on, tell people your decision more easily.

26 1, 2018

Two-minute English: Winter Fashion Tips

26/1/2018|Categories: Two-minute English|Tags: , |

Click here and get to know how you can remain stylish in the cold weather.

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