General English Course is separated into 20 levels.Our Education Consultant will personalize your course based on your learning objectives and placement test result to ensure a right start.

The student will start on a level determined by an English Assessment Test.



英文學習級別 Wall Street English English Course


  • This is for beginners. The content and exercises provide you with the basic framework for recognizing and using simple vocabulary and responding to basic questions in English. By end of this stage you will be able to write a simple email or online post.
Level 3-5
  • Student will learn to express themselves in everyday situations to accomplish basic tasks such as self-introduction and asking for directions.
  • Vocabulary and grammar come together and students form proper sentences and express themselves with greater fluency.
Level 6-9
  • You continue to build your skills as you enter this stage. You can hold a conversion with a good degree of fluency and read simple books and newspapers.
  • You can clearly say your opinion and discuss every day, practical issues in a conversation.
LEVEL 10-13
  • At this stage, you can converse with a high degree of fluency and are able to comprehend complex ideas expressed in English.
  • You can also master intermediate writing skills to cope with your daily work.
LEVEL 14-17
  • In Milestone you will build your conversational fluency, writing proficiency, and reading ability through advanced exercises.
LEVEL 18-20
  • In this stage, student will continue to improve fluency and master complex language, phrases and expressions.
  • You can use English in a proper social and professional settings.


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