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The content and teaching materials of Wall Street English IELTS Go Online are based on the regular IELTS Prep Support course. IELTS Prep Support is designed by Language Experts at Pearson and recognized as level 3 under the Qualifications Framework.

Conducted by professional native English teachers at Wall Street English (WSE), the IELTS Go Online covers the four major sections (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) in depth. Students will learn test-taking strategies through regular practice and receive individual feedback on their progress.

IELTS 7.0 guaranteed

Course Features


Comprehensive Course Design

  • Designed by Language Experts at Pearson
  • Consists of two parts: lectures and tutorial lessons, and enhancing examination skills while using these in practical settings
  • Covers the four sections in depth : Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Interactive small class teaching

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Complete Practice for the Exam

  • Free access to the online learning platform MyEnglishLab (MEL) developed by Pearson, which offers over 120 practice exercises and practice tests on the four major sections
  • English tips and instant feedback on MEL at your fingertips


Flexible Course Structure

  • 60 hours IELTS Prep Support equips both Language and Examination skills, with in-class practical exercises
  • VIP IELTS Prep Support offers one-on-one tutoring in a section of your choice


Extra Support and Guidance

  • Provides online teaching videos for make-up classes which fits almost any schedules



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IELTS Go Online (60 hours) 

  • Fee: HK$ 180/ hour
  • Course duration: 60 hours
  • Payment method: Full payment before the commencement of the course
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Teacher’s Words:

Walter Lam - IELTS雅思課程發展主管 (IELTS Academic Development Leader)

Walter Lam
IELTS Academic Development Leader

The simple reality is that a lot of what one needs to do well on an exam, like the DSE or IELTS, is already in most student’s minds. They learned the vocabulary and structures, but they lack the practice and familiarity to use it any modicum of success. Hence, any successful class or education platform cannot simply be teaching. It must be combined with practical applications and constructive feedback and adjustments. As such, my teaching style has a healthy dose of old, new, and useful information amalgamated with critical hands-on usage.


IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is a globally recognized testing system for study, work and migration. More than 8000 local and international institutions – including universities, JUPAS (Joint University Programmes Admissions System), professional registration bodies and government —accept IELTS results as trusted indicators of English language proficiency.

There are two versions of IELTS:

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. IELTS General Training

There are 4 papers in the IELTS exam on the same day:

  1. Listening– 30 mins
  2. Reading– 60 mins
  3. Writing– 60 mins
  4. Speaking– 11-14 mins

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