Wall Street English NFT
Wall Street English NFT
Wall Street English NFT

Wall Street English Hong Kong Challenge Quizzes

Chance to win Wall Street English Hong Kong’s FIRST NFT and our selected English courses for the decade. 

Introducing our FIRST NFT

Introducing Wall Street English’s NFTs, the 5 WSEHK unique NFTs are created by our creative designer. Each NFT incorporates the exquisitely illustrated design and represents one of our course products.

Win a NFT and our English courses for a decade

The eligible General English course students will be invited to join a quiz game. Each of the first 5 participating students who answers all questions correctly will win a WSEHK NFT.


General English NFT WSEHK#001


  • General English NFT
  • 10-year General English course at WSEHK (1 level each year)


  • 10-year IELTS Prep Support at WSEHK (4 lessons each year)
Business English NFT WSEHK#003


  • Business English NFT
  • 10-year Business English course at WSEHK (4 lessons each year)
Business English VIP NFT WSEHK#0004


  • Business English VIP NFT
  • 10-year 1-on-1 Business English VIP course at WSEHK (4 hours each year)


  • DSE All-in-one Booster NFT
  • 10-year DSE All-in-one Booster at WSEHK (4 lessons each year)

*Please refer to the Terms and conditions for more information.

Timeline of Quiz Game


Mark the Date:

Quiz will be announced publicly on our social media platforms on Apr 21.

We will contact the winners by email or WhatsApp and the winners will be announced publicly on social media after the campaign period is over.


NFT Campaign FAQ

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. 

It is a type of digital asset – unique and tradable digital tokens, representing ownership of a digital good (e.g. music, video, picture, art, collectible, graphic, in-game item, virtual avatar, etc).

It’s generally built using the same type of programming as cryptocurrency. It is a non-interchangeable unit of data, stored on a blockchain, a form of distributed public ledger, that can be used for selling and trading. Because each token is uniquely identifiable, NFT differs from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin / Ethereum.

Applications may not have been exhausted yet. At the moment, given the distinct feature of authenticating ownership, it is most commonly used by artists and content creators to bypass the middlemen (e.g. galleries, auction houses) and sell their work directly to the buyers.

First, one needs to have a digital wallet that allows you to store NFTs (similar to cryptocurrencies). Depending on the currencies your NFT platform accepts, you may need to use your credit card to buy some cryptocurrency and transfer it to your digital wallet for future transactions.

From Reuters: The total sales of NFT have risen to US$24.9 billion in 2021.

Most expensive NFT (so far): Pak’s ‘The Merge’ — US$91.8m! In the curiously designed sale, 28,000 buyers bought 266,445 units of a Pak artwork that could, in theory, be combined into a single NFT owned by a single buyer worth the eye-popping, multimillion-dollar total.

Photo Credit: Barron’s

Only our GE students (EXCLUDING trial students) will be eligible to join this campaign. Those who have attended 1 Encounter Class, 1 Complementary Class and 1 Social Club Activity during March 16 to April 15 (both dates inclusive) will receive a message from WSE, informing them of the date and time of posting the questions of a quiz game on our FB/ IG. We will post the questions on April 21.

Students can PM us or send an email to lysandalam@wallstreet.edu.hk or WhatsApp Lysanda at 67728630 with their answers. The first 5 students who get the right answers will receive an NFT (following the sequence of receiving the right answers):

  • GE NFT
  • Business English NFT
  • Business English VIP NFT
  • DSE All-in-one Booster NFT

Each NFT holder will be entitled to enjoy certain benefits until 31st December 2031.

  • General English NFT: One free GE level in each calendar year
  • IELTS NFT: Four free IELTS classes in each calendar year
  • Business English NFT: Four free Business English classes each year
  • Business English VIP NFT: 4-hour free Business English VIP classes in each calendar year
  • DSE All-in-one Booster NFT: Four free DSE All-in-one Booster classes in each calendar year

NFT is transferable. So the holder can sell it on the NFT marketplace. But there is no guarantee of the sale price the holder may get (or net sale price they can get as gas fee (i.e. transaction fee) will be incurred when they transact NFTs). More details of the terms and conditions of WSE’s NFTs will be posted on our website in April.

WSEHK will assist students open a digital wallet if they don’t have one. WSEHK will transfer the NFT to their digital wallet. WSEHK will be responsible for any transfer fees.

Wall Street English Hong Kong (“WSEHK”) NFT terms and conditions