9 12, 2019

6 polite and decent ways to say ‘thank you’ in email

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When you are typing an email reply, one of the most common way is to begin with saying thank you. But, have you ever considered better ways to express your gratitude? Let’s learn more about this by reading below examples!

9 12, 2019

How to compliment my colleagues? 5 useful words you should know!

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Have you ever wondered what word should be used to pay compliment to your colleagues when you truly find them hard-working? It is important to know that lauding their work performance and showing your appreciation towards their work attitudes can really make their day! Let’s learn about the appropriate words for compliment together!

21 11, 2019

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For transition)

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When you are writing report on the topic of research or analysis, the data and findings may not be consistent and somehow contradictory. So, how can you bring out another point of views? Or to suggest the limitation of recent research? Let’s read on to find out the useful sentence structures for writing report!

20 11, 2019

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For connecting ideas)

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It is important that the information and opinion are brought to the audience accurately meanwhile the key message is delivered in natural flow. It helps to improve the coherence of the report and thus, the report can be more convincing and smooth.

19 11, 2019

The sentence structures you need for writing English report (For introducing ideas)

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Apart from meeting clients and attending conferences, you may have to write English report as part of your duties too. Do you know how to introduce an idea to the target audiences? If you would like to know more about writing report in English, you can find the sentence structures that can help you in this article. 

7 10, 2019

Teacher’s Tips : How to win people’s heart in a job interview?

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Whenever you are fortunate enough to be given an interview, obviously the right impression is the key to whether you get the job, or not.  So, with that consideration, the key is how can you, as the interviewee leave the best impression.  It is not only your level of English, but also your ability to use certain persuasion tools which will be discussed below.

20 9, 2019

Business English: Power up! How to be professional by changing your word choice!?

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When you need to use English for business purposes, are you afraid of being too soft or inaccurate in terms of the usage of words? No worries! By modifying your word choice, you can sound formal, professional and very much native too!  Why don’t you check it out now!?

7 9, 2019

Business English : How to catch audience attention ? Useful English presentation phrases! (Conclusion)

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Have you been working hard on studying the previous passages about phrases for the introduction and the main body? For an ideal presentation, you can never leave the conclusion part behind! Let’s take a look at this below!

5 9, 2019

Business English : How to catch an audience’s attention ? Useful English presentation phrases! (main body)

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The former passage is about introductions, which should be helpful for organizing the beginning of your presentation. After that, let’s work on the next stage, which is the main body! The following is about some phrases and sentence structures for transitions, small conclusions and giving examples.

3 9, 2019

Business English : How to catch audience attention ? Useful English presentation phrases! (introduction)

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Presentation is one of the major duties of your work. Most employees are afraid of making presentation in English. If you are one of them or you want to improve your fluency in presentation, this article can surely help you by providing useful presentation phrases!

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