26 9, 2019

Travel English : Essential English sentences for travelers! (Exchange Currency)

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Some people may choose to change their money after arriving in the foreign country for a better exchange rate. So, do you know how to tell the staff about how much you want to change? How to ask the staff about the exchange rate correctly? Check out this article for helpful Travel English that you must know!

23 9, 2019

Travel English : Essential English sentences for travelers! (At the airport)

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With the rapid growth of globalization, people often go travel several times a year. Therefore, it is essential for you to learn more about Travel English to deal with any urgent situations during your trip. Check out this passage for some helpful English to use at the airport!

26 8, 2019

IELTS Speaking: Never ask this again! 3 important skills to ask questions!

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In the IELTS Speaking exam, can we ask questions? The answer is Yes. But, you have to be aware of what questions can be asked and what should be avoided. How can you ask the examiner in appropriate manner? Let’s learn about it in the following passage.

26 8, 2019

IELTS Speaking: 3 Common mistakes you have to avoid! Strategies to get 7 or above!

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Are you afraid of IELTS speaking because of your accent? Actually, it might not be the major reason for the reduction in marks! This passage presents 3 of the most common mistakes which candidates often overlook, yet those traps are very important to be kept in mind!

14 8, 2019

DSE Paper 2: 4 expressions that can replace ‘do not agree with something’

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The secret of getting stars in DSE paper 2 is a rich variety of vocabulary, which means you cannot use the same words or expressions again and again. If you want to write about your disagreement or objection towards an issue, what would you use to replace ‘do not agree with something’ ? You can read on to figure out the answer!

10 6, 2019

【老師教路:IELTS Speaking高分秘技!(上)】

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大部份考生準備IELTS Speaking Test嘅時候,都會重點學一啲高深複雜嘅字詞。雖然英文用字對考試的確有一定幫助,不過考得高分唔係基於能夠用高深嘅字眼。其實IELTS Speaking Test係用來測試考生係唔係一位Native Speaker。

28 3, 2019


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25 3, 2019

IELTS應試策略:Speaking高分必備!重新包裝你的句子!? (三)

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話咁快就到咗《IELTS Speaking高分必備!》第三篇,溫熟前兩篇未啊?記住喲!包裝你嘅語句一直都係speaking重點!想IELTS考到7至9分?有咗今次嘅「萬用集」,包你咩問題都用得!想知有幾萬用?就要入嚟睇睇喇!

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