Sales Executive

Total-English-speaking environment actually drew all my interest

I was really surprised at the first moment I stepped into the centre – everyone in the centre was speaking to each other in English. This total-English-speaking environment drew all my interest and I have learnt a lot about practical English that I can use at work and daily life.

Scarlet Poon

Not only made a lot of friends, but it has also broadened my horizons

After I joined WSE course, I have not only made a lot of friends, but it has also broadened my horizons and provided me and all the students here with a comfortable learning environment. I gained confidence in communicating with others using English.

Senior Retiree

Enjoyable learning experience at WSE

Three years ago, I planned to take the HKDSE Exam on the subject English Language. It was not easy for me as I had not practiced English since school. Fortunately, I came to WSE. Learning is as simple as watching a fun video here. I hope you’ll also have a wonderful time in WSE just like I do.

Doreen Leung

Social clubs are my favourite part of being a WSE student!

Before, I felt learning English was just way too hard but now I believe it is quite easy for me. From Encounter Classes to many different activities in Social Clubs and Complementary Classes, the opportunity to get more speaking practice is plentiful. WSE has definitely helped me.