Wall Street English offers many major advantages over traditional English study programmes:


Flexible study hours

At Wall Street English, you’ll be able to book your own English class anytime during our operating hours. And with our English Anytime service, you have the flexibility to arrange your English study schedule.


No location constraint

You are free to study at any of our 7 centres in Hong Kong.


Self-paced study

At Wall Street English, you can adjust your study pace according to your own needs, so you don’t have to wait for students who are learning at a different pace to catch up.


Small classes

Led by a qualified native English-speaking teacher, each class is comprised of no more than 5 students who have reached a similar level.


Clear course structure

Each study unit has clear learning objectives and a set learning method to make it easier for you to master.

Test your English

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Test your English


Relevant course content

The content is constructed around work, business, social and travel English, which is not only more interesting for students but also highly relevant.


English-speaking environment

All Wall Street English centres provide you with a total English-speaking environment. From the moment you enter our centre to the time you leave, you will only hear and speak English.


Unique learning experience

Using innovative state-of-the-art technology, small group interaction and practical Social Club activity, Wall Street English provides you with a comprehensive, unique multimedia English learning experience that helps you improve your English skills in the most effective way.


Student care programme

At Wall Street English, we care about your English learning progress. Our teachers assess your progress comprehensively and regularly. Our unique progress tracking system and individualised service ensure that you will meet your learning objectives.


Results guaranteed

Wall Street English provides a 100% course guarantee.

Wall Street English is ISO9001:2015 certified. Certification is for the International office in Barcelona.

Globally Certified

Wall Street English is also one of the few global English language training centers to have the honor of successively passing ISO9001:2015 authentications.


Wall Street English certificate

Student can get a certification of completion after study

Terms & Conditions:

I. General English: a minimum of 4 levels and 90 hours of study.

II. IELTS: a minimum of 90 hours and at least 80% attendance.

III. DSE: a minimum of 80 hours and at least 80% attendance.

IV. Business English: a minimum of 12 units and at least 80% attendance.