A: We advocate small class teaching. At most, there will be four students in a class. It is possible that, on occasion, you might be taught on a one-to-one basis depending on attendance of the Encounter Class. However, we believe that having more than one student in the class offers you more opportunity to talk with others who have reached a similar level of English as you.

However, if you prefer to always have one-on-one classes with our teachers, you can opt for our VIP program. Ask your education consultant for more details.

A: A computer is used as part of our MultiMethod® system, it is designed in a multimedia format with richly illustrated graphics and motion pictures to help you improve your English proficiency. The automatic correction system helps you self-evaluate your learning progress and improve your English proficiency.
A: You will be assessed using a number of very effective methods, including comprehension checkpoints, Encounter classes and our computerised profile, which will monitor your Speaking Centre activities, grading, classes and results. Also, your education consultants, personal tutors, and teachers will be tracking your progress closely, pointing out areas needing improvement.

A: WSE’s system is the same in WSE Centres all over the world and it is ISO 9001:2000 accredited in Barcelona, Spain. ISO accreditation is highly prized and requires organisations to deliver an efficient, high-quality service on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, our well-trained and qualified Personal Tutors will closely monitor your study progress throughout your WSE course. Each student receives a “Student Progress Profile” at the end of every Encounter class. Students will be progressing according to our curriculum as they advance to the upper levels. They will be able to assess their profiles themselves and their confidence level will be increasing as they progress through our courses.

A: Our international parent company guarantees that they will always be there to provide all the necessary facilities and services for our students to complete their courses effectively, without interruption and at no additional cost. As an active member of the Hong Kong Federation of Private Educators, we will ensure the quality of service that is being provided to our students and we will provide any assistance possible to meet all our students’ needs.
A: Of course. Simply call our centres and re-schedule your class. It will be helpful if you can let us know at least 24 hours beforehand so that other students may attend in your place. This will make our booking system more efficient.
A: All our teachers are fully qualified to teach English as a second language. Their native language (mother-tongue) is English, and they are all trained by the system used by the Wall Street English.
A: Simply complete the first lesson and make your reservation at our centres’ reception, our staff will arrange a class for you right away.
A: There are in total 20 levels for Wall Street English’s English course. In order to provide you the best English training, our Education Consultant will assess your English capability during the interview and English test. We will also provide advice in your goal-setting and course selection to ensure the best result you can attain within your schedule.