In the last blog, we mentioned how to start a presentation with an engaging opening. In today’s blog, Wall Street English will teach you how to close a presentation effectively. The ending speech is the last chance for you to recap the key points of your presentation and let the audience remember them. Therefore, it is important to finish off your presentation with a memorable ending. Here are 5 tips to help you wrap up your presentation.


1. Call to action (CTA) 

Call to action means to call the audience to act immediately. You would be too optimistic to assume your message would immediately inspire the audience to take action. It is more effective to call them to act by summing up the action you want your audience to take.


To end today’s presentation, I’d like to ask you all to do one thing, …

What are you waiting for? ….


2. Quote / citation 

Wrapping up your presentation with a quote or citation is an easy but effective way to evoke the feelings of your audience and leave them with a deeper impression about your message. As a quote or citation is usually from authority, it is more persuasive.


I’d like to finish my presentation with this powerful quote from …

To wrap up today’s presentation, I’d like to share with you all a line from …


3. Refer to the opening message

Closing your presentation by repeating the message from the beginning is also a popular technique. It is a good way to wrap up your message while at the same time giving the audience a sense of similarity and making them feel interested. Here are some common ways:

  1. Throw out a question at the beginning of your presentation and give an answer to it at the end.
  2. Finish off a story that you have started from the beginning. Express your message by telling an anecdote.
  3. Refer to a strong and memorable title.


4. Raise a rhetorical question 

It means to ask a question without providing the answer to it. This would draw the audience into thinking about the issue even after the presentation and make your presentation more intriguing.


I would like to finish my talk by simply raising one question, …

As I wrap up my speech, please ask yourself, …



5. Prediction

At the end of your speech, you can express your hope or prediction for the future. It helps to transmit positive energy or on the contrary let them think about the issue.


To end up, I am sad to say that …

What would be the future like? …



The above are 5 great ways to end your presentation by leaving your audience with a stronger impression.