Why does your business need English speakers?

English was, is and will always be the international language of business. Good English is essential to the success of your company but employees, especially those with heavy work responsibilities might find it difficult to pick up a new language. Wall Street English (WSE) offers an innovative and unique way for your employees to learn English — the best way for your employees to learn to read, write and speak English, and also a way that guarantees success.

With the combination of “professional quality”, “innovative method” and “happy learning” elements, our course is specially designed for busy people who pursue self-enhancement. Our unique English training method will allow your staff to learn English in the same way they mastered their native language.

Your employees will be free to learn according to their own needs without having to accommodate other people’s pace of learning. Apart from the individual learning program provided at our centres, we also provide Corporate English Programs with effective Business English Workshops for all corporate general staff; and Market Leader for company management.

  1. Business English Workshops

    Our workshops provide learners with an interactive and engaging face-to-face environment to practice Business English and allows students to receive feedback from a native and qualified teacher. They are designed to improve learners’ English skills at all levels, and can be tailor-made upon request. Student progress reports will be sent to HR periodically, and certificates will be issued to learners when they meet the learning requirements or objectives.

  2. Market Leader

    Market Leader compiles case studies and industry-specific articles from Financial Times, one of the leading sources of business information in the world. With the professional advice and support from our native and experienced teachers, it is designed to let business learners speak, use and communicate in English with improved fluency and greater confidence in all situations.

Wall Street English not only adds value to your company but offers you:

Innovation: A Unique and Effective English Training System

Educational and entertaining, the Wall Street English method is geared towards the modern professional adult; producing guaranteed results in half the time of traditional English training systems.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. After all, your company is unique and so are your employees. So first we first sit down and talk so we can understand what your goals are. Your employees will learn English faster through our measurable step-by-step learning method, combining visual, audio and verbal interaction in conjunction with personal tutoring in a small class.

Complete Flexibility

Your employees learn when it best fits into your business schedule. WSE does not have rigid class schedules that your company needs to work around. Since classes are offered at all times during the week, you don’t have to worry about employees missing anything due to time out of the office. If employees go on business trips or vacation, our flexible schedules can accommodate their absence, allowing them to pick up right where they left off. They can take classes according to their schedule during Centre opening hours and complete their English language laboratory work anywhere, any time.

100% Guaranteed Results

The return on your investment is guaranteed. WSE takes the risk out of investing in English language training by offering a course guarantee. We will help each of your employees to determine his or her starting level with an accurate English Assessment Test. Then we help your staff plan and regulate their study rhythm as well as follow their progress. Guidance will be provided throughout the course by our highly qualified Service Team.

Get The Best Return on Your Investment

WSE ensures that a company’s investment in English training produces results in three key ways:

  • Wall Street English Performance Tracking System
    A computerized English study profiling system allows your human resources department to monitor performance and track training improvements made by employees throughout the duration of their study. An Employee Progress Profile will be presented to your employees during each class.

  • Reporting
    To ensure that you can keep track of your employees’ progress, a bi-monthly report of all your employees will be sent to you with a summary of their attendance and performance. The advantage of this reporting is that employees as well as the employer can monitor and validate their continuous progress in English learning.

  • A better company
    Last, but most importantly, you get a better company. Your English speaking employees will help your business connect to new contacts, new opportunities and new revenues both locally and internationally using the global language of business.

Wall Street English Hong Kong is a Corporate Supporter of Workplace English Campaign (WEC)WEC_LOGO-new

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