Pooja Sethia, Indian,TESOL Certificate 

“As a teacher, you are more than an educator. You are a mentor, a confidant and a friend. I would like to make a difference in lives of as many students as I can.”




Louis Dillon, Australian, CELTA

“English has always been my favorite toy – turning sounds into words and words into sentences and sentences into communication is a kind of magic. It’s infinite in its possibilities and it’s a game I love teaching people to play.”




Mischa Moselle, British,TESOL Certificate 

“I want to be a teacher because I have a passion for helping people advance their knowledge of English, a beautiful and useful language. I also strongly believe education is wonderful in its own right.”



Adam Madkour, British, CELTA

“My experiences have taught me that the best way to learn is with fun, simple and wide ranged contexts to trigger students’ interests and meet their needs. Wall Street English understands this philosophy and allows teachers to fully practice their approaches while creatively adapting to the course materials. Seeing my students improve and gain confidence in speaking is what makes my work here truly meaningful and satisfying!”





Yvan Cardinal, Canadian, Master of Arts in Education

“I have worked at many places but somehow, I have always kept working at WSE during my 20 years in Hong Kong. I find it rewarding to interact and exchange different ideas with students. We all have busy lives, but I promise to offer you an interactive learning experience when you are having a class with me; there will also be a lot of laughter, good emotions which will help you remember what you have just learned!”




Fiona Mak, British, CELTA

“The best way to learn anything and retain information is to make sure you are enjoying and having fun throughout the process. This is the philosophy I stand by and I make sure to achieve this through my lessons at Wall Street English. I don’t just want you to be classroom smart but also use what you learn in the real world. I aim to promote speaking and listening using each of your unique strengths and weaknesses to ensure you develop to your fullest potential.”




Marcus Everett, British, CELTA

“Creating a relaxed, fun environment to practice and improve students English skills is a cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. Wall Street English provides me with the ideal environment to carry this philosophy out and I hope to see you in class very soon.”





Paul Gleghorn, British, TESOL Certificate 

“Understand your students drive. Feel their enthusiasm. Guided by your own professional experience, combine your own drive and enthusiasm for teaching to achieve results. And make it fun!”





Jenna Dunn, South African, CELTA

My passion is people. People with different or similar backgrounds, staff and students alike.  I enjoy speaking and getting to make new friends from all over the world. After more than 12 years of sharing the English language, I look forward to an even longer more fruitful experience doing so.”




Dominic Swaby, American, TESOL Certificate

“Being a life-long learner and naturally curious person, I take great pleasure in helping students to improve their language skills while I learn all about them in the process. In every class I attempt to instill confidence in the students by showing them that their language ability can be powerfully effective no matter the level. I believe every student is unique and has to be approached in a different way for their potential to surface. Perhaps most importantly, I strive to understand the student so the class can be fun. Afterall, sustained learning is next to impossible without enjoyment, so fun is paramount.”


Flora Wong, Bachelor’s Degree

“What helps me learn is a fun and interactive learning environment with supportive people and creative strategies. Wall Street English provides exactly that. Being a Personal Tutor at WSE, I get to enjoy a fun and relaxed working environment filled with awesome colleagues, positive vibes, and see real improvement in our students. Simply put, it’s a pretty satisfying job!”





Macarius Chan, Bachelor’s Degree

“Here at Wall Street English, I was given the opportunity to help students realize their potential and ability to express themselves and understand others in a new language.”