No matter at work or in your personal life, you might have to invite others to come along for a meal or movie. Do you know how to ask people out for a drink? Out of courtesy, we will not force him/her to join, instead, we will ask with respect. This article will introduce the ways of making invitations, as well as the expressions to accept and reject them.


Making invitations:


1) How about …?


2) Would you be interested in …?


3) Why don’t you …?


4) Do you feel like …?


5) Would you like to …?


Accepting an invitation:


– I’d love to, thanks.


– I’ll be glad to come and hang out.


– Sure, that’s a good idea. Just count me in!


Declining an invitation:


– Thanks for the invitation, but I am not available at that time.


– Sorry, I don’t think I can join because …


– That’s very kind of you, but I have a busy schedule this week and thus not able to join.



Later, if you wish to take your partner on a date or invite your boss and coworkers to have fun, you can surely try these above phrases!