When charts are shown in the exam questions, you can always see the word ‘explain’. Apart from “explain”, these following words also have similar meanings!


1. Elucidate


Scientists have endeavoured in recent years to elucidate why the weather is getting more and more extreme.


2. Expound


In the following, I would expound my views on the environmental and economic aspects.


3. Explicate


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory explicated by Abraham Maslow, studies an individual’s behaviour motivation.


4. Unfold


I intend to unfold my proposal to the clients, so I have organized a business lunch with them.


5. Throw light on


The research aims to throw light on deforestation, it proves that not buying products containing palm oil can reduce the issue.


6. Illustrate


The diagrams and charts are used to illustrate my point.


7. Illuminate


He illuminates the incomprehensible theory in a way that is clear and easier to understand.