When you have good news to share, you don’t always have to include the phrase ‘ good news’. To make your English sounds more native, you may try on the following expressions. And if you are receiving good news from others, do you know how should you respond to that? Let’s read below to find out the answers!


Introducing the good news

  1. I’m delighted to inform you that the marketing goal this year is well-achieved.
  2. We’re pleased to tell you that your job application is successful, and we would like you to be on board before this Friday.
  3. You will be pleased to learn that the related department has approved the shipment of medical supplies.

How to respond to good news

  1. I’m so glad to hear that!
  2. Wonderful ! Thank you for sharing that with me!
  3. We’re very happy for you.
  4. That’s great!
  5. Congratulations! That’s very good news!

After learning how to deliver good news, let’s take a look at the way in introducing bad news in the next passage!


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