Sometimes you may see some words that seem familiar to you, yet it is with different usage. It may not be wrong, and one of the possibilities can be our confusion about some English words. Below are some confusing terms that you may get them wrong easily!


Recipe v.s. Receipt

Recipe: Set of instruction about how to cook food
e.g. You need to follow these recipes in order to cook the dinner well.


Receipt: Proof of purchasing goods

e.g. You can exchange unwanted goods by showing the receipt to the shop.


Compliment v.s. Complement

Compliment : a remark that shows approval / admiration
e.g. Don’t need to pay me any compliments. I won’t forgive you anyway.


Complement: To make something better or more attracting through combining with it
e.g. The seasoning complements the taste of French fries flawlessly.


Moral v.s. Morale

Moral : standards of good or bad behaviors / A massage from story or experience
e.g. The moral of the story is that luck won’t favor always.


Morale: The amount of confidence shown by a person or group of people
e.g. We need to offer a more comprehensive welfare policy so that we can enhance the morale of our employees.


Just be careful when you are using the above terms to prevent any embarrassing moments!


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