Keep your promise is the most crucial idea to bear in mind before you make one. In daily life, you may encounter situations, like promising your colleges in sharing workloads or promising a friend to offer help, and even more, it can be the sweetest promise between couples. So, how can we say it in English? Let’s take a look of the below!


Trust me, I will come back to you once the party is over.


Believe me, I am always there to support your decisions.


I assure you that I will have the marketing proposal done by this Friday.


I swear I will never leave you alone again.


I will prepare the most amazing birthday party for you and I will keep my promise.


After all, Promise is only words if you are not taking it seriously into execution. You should be careful about your own ability when you want to make a promise too! Never attempt to lie or overestimate yourself!


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