29 5, 2020

How to admit mistake / fault in English?

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No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. It can be kind of cliché to say that, but the vital point is that we have to admit it, without making that statement an excuse for ourselves. Maybe you miss some of your work unfinished before or accidentally infuriate your partner, and so you need to learn how should we face our own mistakes. Let’s learn the English expressions in admitting our mistakes and fault in this passage!

26 5, 2020

DSE Paper 4 : Sentence structure for rebuttal

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Speaking paper values your stance and point of view a lot. Yet, you need to consider the opinion and stand from other stakeholders as well! How should you state the other’s view? Do you want to attain a more comprehensive analysis? Let’s check out the following examples!

18 5, 2020

Business English :  Essentials for Business phone calls in English (2)

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There can be a lot of situations occurred when you are making or taking a business phone call. What if your colleague is away from work and others dial in to find him/her? How should you ask him/her to leave a message politely? What if the specific person you are calling for is not available now ? What should you say to get him/her updated? Let’s check it out below!

18 5, 2020

Business English : Essentials for Business phone calls in English (1)

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You may need to answer or make phone calls while working in the office. Do you know the common phrases used in phone calls? Don’t panic! All you need are the sentences that can help you to communicate with others over business deals. How should you start with when making a phone call? How to express your purpose of calling? Let’s look at the below!

31 1, 2020

How to reject people politely? 5 ways to say NO in English !

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Even if you are a kind person who always tries your best to help others, you won’t be able to stand all the requests made by others which is like torturing yourself if you do. So, it is crucial for us to learn how to say no. Whether it is an invitation to some activities or offer of some treats, you always have the right to refuse and reject them! Just follow the standardized phrases and add on the reasons, you can also choose what to do or what not to do, without worrying about being blamed!

31 1, 2020

How to ask people to wait without saying ‘wait a minute’?

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No matter you are at work, school or in daily life, sometimes you may be too busy to handle things immediately. So, you need to ask others to wait for a moment. Without saying ‘wait a minute’, do you know other synonyms to replace that? In this passage, you can learn those phrases without waiting!

31 1, 2020

Stop using ‘how are you’ and ‘I’m fine’ ! Useful ways for greeting !

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When you have the chance to work, travel or live in foreign countries, it’s necessary for you to greet others politely and casually. Other than saying ‘ how are you’, do you know any other ways to say hello ? Let’s forget about ‘ how are you’  and ‘I’m fine, thank you’ and learn the following ways for greeting !

27 1, 2020

No more ‘I am regret’! Useful phrases in expressing regret!

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We all had times when we made the wrong choice or judgment, leading to endless self-loathing. It can be grief in breaking up with your beloved one, sorrow in ignoring others’ advice or self-disappointment in laziness in studying. Do you know how can we express our regrets in English other than using the word regret? Let’s check it out below!

25 1, 2020

Formal and informal ways to express disappointment!

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In life, we may face a lot of disappointments, and you do need to express this kind of feeling before it overwhelmed you. Do you know how to review your emotions in both formal and informal ways? Let's check it out below and learn the expressions other than ‘what a shame’!

24 1, 2020

What is Blue-sky thinking? The 5 amazing blue idioms you should know!

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You may notice that ‘blue’ is often used to describe the melancholy of people, but do you know about other amazing idioms with the word ‘blue’? What is the meaning of ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea’? How to use the word ‘blue sky thinking’? You can find the answer by looking at the passage below!

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