It seems that Google Map can bring you anywhere you want. But, if the GPS isn’t working so accurately, you may get lost easily. So, you should learn to ask the way in English in advance. Not by body language, but to ask the pedestrians for the correct direction! Look at the tips below and mark them down for your next trip!


  • Excuse me. Can you tell me where am I now?


  • Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the post office nearby?


  • Excuse me. Can you show me the way to this museum?


  • Excuse me. Are there any toilets/washrooms nearby?


  • Excuse me. I am looking for this restaurant. Is it a long way from here?


  • Excuse me. How long does it take to go to this shopping centre on foot?


  • Would you mind showing me the way to the railway station?


  • I want to go to this store, but I am lost. Could you help me?


After reading this passage, you may realize that asking the direction in English isn’t that difficult! And this is probably all you need to know for asking the way!


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