No matter if you are enjoying your solo trip or traveling with family and friends, you may want to take a picture to record your travel moments! So, you may need to ask the pedestrians or other tourists for help. Do you know how to ask them to take photos in the way that you want in English? Check out the passage for useful Travel English that suits you!

  1. Excuse me, would you mind helping us to take a photo?

  2. Could you take a picture of me with the Hollywood Sign?

  3. Sorry, but I just blinked. Can you take another for me, please?

  4. Could you turn the camera the other way around?

  5. This one is very nice! Thank you for your help!

  6. Do you want me to take pictures for you as well?

Asking people for taking pictures for you won’t be that difficult after you have learned the above sentences! Remember to take a look at the other related passages before your departure to other countries!


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