If you are visiting a restaurant during your trip, you may need to make a reservation in advance. And in the restaurant, you need to order the food in English as well. Are you familiar with doing the above things in English? You don’t have to panic! This passage can help you with the lines that you need so that you can enjoy your food at that perfect moment!


Make a reservation

    • Do you have a table for two right now?
    • Can I have a reservation for two tonight at 7 pm?
    • Could you arrange a table by the window for us, please?


Make an order

    • Do you have a Chinese menu here?
    • What would you recommend?
    • Excuse me. We’re ready to order.
    • I would like to have … as appetizers and … as the main course, please.
    • Sorry, but we still need more time to decide what to order.


Remember the above lines, and you can speak with the waiters/waitress easily to make your booking or order!


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